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At Kopystop we provide comprehensive Graphic Design and Printing services. Kopystop is proudly Australian owned and operated since 1984, under one family ownership spanning over two generations having evolved into a full service Graphic Design, Offset and Digital Print and print finishing enterprise. From concept through to design, print and finishing, we offer our complimentary expert advice, tailoring individual print solutions to achieve the highest quality end product and within budget.

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Our services include: creation of logos and branding, premium publications, booklets, bound books and magazines, business cards and all business stationery, documents, marketing and promotional collateral.

The Kopystop Krew, all trade qualified and specialists in providing:

  • Digital Printing CMYK  
  • Offset Printing CMYK UV Offset print
  • Graphic Design and Editing Adobe suite of products
  • Large Format Print
  • Flat Bed Print onto hard substrates
  • Pull Up Banners with stand
  • Premium Black and White printing
  • Premium Thesis printing
  • Colour copying
  • Black and White copying
  • Document scanning

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    Print Tips & Hints

    Here you will find many tips, hints, descriptions and advice.  Most importantly, the specifications to creating a high resolution print ready PDF file.  If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact a Kopystop Krew member to assist with your enquiry.  This section will result in the best possible file for a professional high quality end product. Read More

    Who are The Kopystop Krew?

    Saturday, 17 November 2012

    Daniela  ~ Operations Manager: Daniela brings a wealth of Customer Relations experience, with an avid interest and career background in Marketing. Her past expertise for over 9 years in rewards marketing, within a Direct Marketing environment has provided Daniela with the tools to identify the best means of presentation, what the market is looking for, dissection and interpretation of the intended target - to best achieve client response. It's just another complimentary service offered by Kopystop, book a consultation with Daniela, she will work with you in achieving the ultimate result to meet your print target audience. Daniela smiles all the time, ALL the time!! even in a crisis, you look at her and she is still smiling ~ it drives The Kopystop Krew "nuts"! Daniela possesses a positive outlook, glass half full all the time, which is great for our clients as her answer is usually almost always YES! Sure we can do that - It's not a problem, easy! peezy! 

    It's Danieala's warm and welcoming voice you will hear picking up the phone when contacting Kopystop ~ Just be grateful its Daniela and not one of the other Krew... hehehehe

    Sarkis ~ Print Finishing Specialist: A former School Principal and currently a practising teacher in his own spare time. Sarkis is affectionately referred to as "Hawk Eye", for possessing the ability to immediately "pick up" errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, graphics, margins,spacing and generally has a keen eye for perfection. If Kopystop was to charge 1 cent for every time Sarkis has picked up on client supplied file errors prior to print, we'd al be billionaires! Sarkis loves a challenge when it comes to print finishing, a long gaze of bewilderment is often followed by OK! ~ Lets DO IT!  You may not understand his process, but it bloody well works! His patience is in abundant supply as he waves his magic in achieving the perfect finish for every client order.

    Art ~ Managing Director: lover of all things Print, Graphics, Art, IT, Big Boys Toys but most of all the challenge in consulting towards a positive result and within budget for every Kopystop Client!  He possess an amazing analytical prowess, an ability to read a clients mind, offering at times solutions which are "outside the square", or circle or triangle as he is often quoted. He is pedantic and thorough, to point of being annoying to other Krew members. He is always shouting out " If you're gonna do it ~ DO IT RIGHT! First time and every time!

    OH! he is such a pain!  But in the end he is a softie, with the Kopsytop client in mind, achieving the ultimate result for the client every time.

    Together we operate as a team, including the skills of of our casual and some-time operators ~ We are The Kopystop Krew and We love what we do!

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